Susan Abel has had a passion for writing, second only to her passion for horses, since she was a child growing up in the Detroit area. With writing assignments becoming her favorite projects in school, she completed her first novel at the age of seventeen, a story about a girl and a horse, of course.

          Following a twenty-plus-year career as a professional trainer and riding instructor in the mid-West, Rockies and Southeast, Susan returned to school to earn a degree in journalism at the age of forty as a single mom with two girls. Following graduation, she worked several years as a beat reporter and feature writer for various newspapers as well as for a private university group. Once her girls were grown, she returned to her passions: instructing with her own riding school again while writing Through the Mist. Eight years later, she finds herself teaching less and writing more each day.

          Susan currently lives in the metro Atlanta area on a small farm with her husband and a menagerie of animals. Committed to her writing, she has attended ten consecutive Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Conferences and is a member of the Women's Fiction Writing Association (WFWA).  She loves to read, draw, ride and show her horses, travel on adventures with her husband and go on long hikes with their dogs.

          Having lived a diverse and well-travelled life, Susan has a broad expanse of life experiences to draw upon, enabling her to flesh out characters, describe locations and understand the human condition in such a way her stories come to life in the imaginations of her readers.

            With Through the Mist completed, Susan is working on a sequel, Into the Fire, as well as  An Amerian Citizen and a collection of short stories, The Roots That Bind Us. She finds it beneficial to move between projects, returning to each in a day or two with fresh eyes. Her progress can be followed on this  website and her Facebook page.         



Susan at home on her small horse farm with her Akita, "Miko."

Homepage photos:  Susan riding her Spanish Horse, Bonito.

The An American Citizen illustration on her "work" page is the photo of her uncle and grandmother, Joseph and Mary Abel, taken from their passport.